Introducing the Ukrainization law in Sub-Carpathia

On January 16 will begin the total Ukrainization, fines will be issued to service workers who do not serve their clients in the state language – stated Tarasz Kreminy, State Language Commissioner. According to linguist István Csernicskó, headmaster of the II. Ferenc Rákóczi Hungarian College in Sub-Carpathia, “the country is making no effort to create a dialogue in support of a state language but is trying to force us always to speak Ukrainian.” The law is applicable to the service workers and, in that relation, they are spreading false rumours, according to which everyone must be served only in Ukrainian – said István Csernicskó, stressing that those clients, shoppers who desire to use another language, and the server speaks that language, it is possible to communicate in that language. Fines for a misdemeanor can only be levied after July 16, 2022. The language of the state bodies and local administrative bodies is the language of the state, but even here, it stands that if other languages are used, Ukrainian translation must be provided. Ukraine accepted to encourage the use of minority languages in meetings of local bodies when it joined the Council of Europe.

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